Mission Statement and Program Services


We interviewed hundreds of homeless people and asked them "What do you need?" Surprisingly, food and water was on the bottom of their lists. We learned that they needed socks badly but more importantly, they wanted respect and support from their peers. We also learned that every homeless person has a unique story and most of the expected stereotypes did not apply. We need to educate the general public and create awareness that most homeless people have faced a string of unfortunate events and tragedies that has lead them into their current situation. They did not have the support from friends and family that they so desperately needed at a crucial time in their lives.

After compiling all of our data, we decided to create 4 programs that would best address our ever growing homeless population. Emergency Essential Kits, A Friend in Need, Raising Awareness, Safe Haven Dwellings.


We put together kits that contain all the essentials a homeless person will need in order to help them elevate and get off of the streets. Our kits contain but are not limited to the following items:

Toothbrush     Toothpaste

Soap                 Shampoo

Razor                Shaving Cream

Socks                Blanket

Hat                     Gloves

Water                 Food

Sanitizer           Chapstick

Resource Map of City

Each BENEKIT will be delivered with kindness and love. This provides more than just temporary relief, it provides a hope and a chance for a better future in which we all support each other and help eradicate homelessness for good.


Most homeless people do not have the support from friends and family that most of us take for granted. We have a team of highly trained professionals that create real relationships and provide the moral and emotional support that these homeless people have always been missing. We recognize the value of having a support system in your life and we are applying this directly to the streets. Knowing that we truly care is what really lifts spirits and elevates the mentality and vitality, giving people a reason to excel.


In order to change the public perception, we have assembled a film crew that will document the lives and situations of the current homeless population in our Country. We are reaching epic proportions of homeless people and we as the general public are the only ones that can put a stop to this humanitarian crisis that is happening right in front of us. We need to stop driving by and pretending they do not exist. We need to stop projecting as to how they got into their situations. We need to acknowledge they are people like us and not "others". Each homeless person has a unique story to tell and they need to be heard and appreciated. We are all in this together and everyone should be treated with respect and no human being should ever have to live in the streets.


The ultimate goal is to provide supported housing. These are units that have a 24/7 staff on hand to provide for all the needs and support for someone homeless. 30 percent of the homeless are seriously mentally ill and need full time support. We closed down most mental facilities and now use the prison system as a reforming model. We all know the prison system offers very little support for the mentally ill. We need to build them proper facilities and take care of them humanely. What we are currently doing is horrifying. Stop turning your back. Thanks for your support in helping me end homelessness for good. It is a humanitarian crisis and we need to stop making excuses. Lets just help instead of criticizing them.